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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 15, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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you about the recent news about pakistan and china. but first your tweet.h@ i can't resist. recent tweet from you, your account says barack obama played golf yesterday now he heads to a 10 day vacation in martha's vineyard, nice work ethic. >> he takes more vacations than any human being i've seen. they used to complain about george bush he has exceeded george bush and we are not through the year. he likes vacation. >> greta: that doesn't send a good message if the american people think he likes vacation. >> we have a country that is going to hell in a hand basket. what is happening horrible. all over the word they are talking about it. we have a president that is constantly, whether it is martha's vineyard or some place else, constantly on vacation. all the time on vacation. i think it sends a very, very bad message. we have to work in this country to bring it back. >> greta: does he get any credit that right now he's on
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a tour around three states in minnesota, he landed today. he's going to iowa, illinois to apparently not to layout a financial plan but to listen to what people have to say? >> it is also a fundraising tour. he's using a beautiful boeing 747 as the aircraft that -- the aircraft of choice. i think it is sad, where the taxpayer is paying for his trips to raise money. what he's doing is fundraiser. what he has been doing well is raising funds. although, inconceivable that people are putting up money. it is hard to believe that people are actually putting up money to get him reelected. >> greta: if this is a campaign the american people shouldn't pay if it is official white house business, taxpayers should pay. >> that is different. but basically it is campaign. he's going to say what a wonderful he's doing. i can't imagine anybody believes that. he's using air force one. he's using a boeing 747, the most expensive plane you can fly, just about.
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and why isn't his campaign paying for this? really, why his campaign pay for a beg 747? i think it is unfair. >> greta: on the trip he has been asked about -- one of the big questions whether the members of congress should be bald back to washington. today he said, -- should be called back to washington. today he said. time for games to stop. some ask why don't you call congress back? i said i don't think it will make people feel encouraged to have congress come back and they would argue again. >> that is leadership. we should have congress come back. i heard him say he wants congress to talk to their people so when they come back, they know what to say. they know what to say. they tone have to spend two months at home with their people they know without spending any time. the country needs leadership. we are not getting leadership from president obama. >> greta: anything that he's doing right now about being a leader that you agree with?
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>> well, i mean the only thing i can give him credit for is campaigning. he's a good campaigner, not great. because hillary almost beat him after a big lead. he's a good campaigner. he's a good fundraiser. i give him credit for that the country is being led into oblivion. >> greta: now the other issue, that's the news breaking over the weekend. when osama bin laden was killed may second, we had a dis-- may 2nd, we had a disabled stealth left behind and pakistan let china look at the helicopter and will do reverse engineering and now they are light-years ahead in their technologies from us. >> not hard to believe. again leadership. we allow countries to take advantage whetherf china, certainly pakistan. you look at pakistan, we give them hundreds of billions of dollars. they do nothing for us. you look at china, they are
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ripping us like nobody before other than of course opec. the opec nations are really doing a number. oil should right now with this bad economy, be at $30 a barrel. it is close to $90 it should be at $30. if the free market were there oil would be at $30. it is -- it will soon be over $90. if it goes unchecked it will be up to $100, $one 10 and here we go again. -- every time we start to make progress the opec guys sit around the take and they say, they are making a little money, let's take it from them. so they raise the price of fuel. we have to do something. we need people that know what they are doing. >> greta: the helicopter obviously we want our military get out of there quickly when the helicopter was disabled may 2nd. i don't know if they could have blown it up, i assume
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that was considered and rejected and they got out of there. leaving that stealth helicopter behind was something we had to do. once left is there anything in your mind we should have done to prevent the pakistanies from showing the chinese? >> we should have had people there. we should called ahead to pakistan saying we don't want anyone seeing that helicopter. too bad i guess the back hit a wall too bad it happen. but certainly, we should have let pakistan know we don't want anyone looking it is them or china. what has happened, from a friend of mine who is good at this stuff. he tells me we spent billions on this stealth technology and china gets it for nothing. pakistan gave it to china. china, as usual got for it for a bargain. the united states is the loser, as always. >> greta: obviously, you don't think president obama is being a lead are. look at the republican group running for president.
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who has the leadership that you like? >> i know michelle bachmann she came to trump tower a month ago. she was a wonderful person. we had a great time. i have i don't know if sarah palin is running. i like her a lot. -- we had the pizza incident where i was using a fork -- >> greta: what is the difference between the two for you? >> not that much difference. they are strong they get unfairly maligned by the media. i was watching this weekend "meet the press" i watched michelle get absolutely, she was so badly treated. i watched that. >> greta: in what way? >> just infairly. the way the group went after her. it was so unfair. michelle was so unfairly treated. i don't think i've seen anything like it. that's what happens to sarah palin also. >> greta: and hillary clinton -- >> i think bachmann has done well. >> i don't think hillary is
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treated the same way i like her too she is a friend of mine. i think the way miss bachmann and miss palin have been treated, i think they've been treated very, very fairly by the press. >> greta: why? >> i don't know. they are conservative women i think that's why. >> greta: governor perry now in the race. what do you think of him in terms of leadership? i realize it is early on. >> it is very early. i think that he is a good man. i've known him over the years. i spoke to him two days ago. he called me on something. i think he's really serious. i think he's going to do a good job. i don't know rom but i think -- i don't know romney. but i think perry going to do a good job. >> greta: how come you don't know romney? >> the only one who doesn't call. i spoke to him years ago. hey, sarah palin, calls.
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michelle bachmann, calls. romney, doesn't call. that's okay. >> greta: what does that mean? >> probably, he doesn't like me or i shouldn't like him. i don't know. it is not about that. it is really about replacing obama it really is about replacing obama you have to get -- this country is going to be in trouble like it has never been before. it already is. you need great leadership. you need somebody that is you need somebody that is cot rip-off of the united states. we can't afford this any more. the world is ripping us off. i think the biggest single problem we have is that the world, from a business standpoint, is ripping us off. we are like patsies. like the big bully that gets beat up. the world is taking advantage of the united states. countries like colombia made four billion dollars last year, against the united states.
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now they want a new trade pact where they make more. we have these characters negotiating. do they know anything about it? we have some of the greatest businessmen in the world. in my opinion, the greatest. if we put individual incredible people which i know 25, i know the 25 best. i could give you a list. if we took our great business leaders and put them in charge of china. somebody else in charge of japan. of course japan now has their own problems. you look at india. where the outsourcinging. you call up american express, you want to find out about your credit card. it is very possible you are talking somebody from india. why aren't you talking to somebody from alabama or from iowa or from many other places or from new york? the country is being ripped off and ripped to shreds by every single country that we
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do business with. the worst abuser is china. maybe worse than them the opec nations as a whole. nobody has abused the united states like opec. and certain other countries have been abused by opec, to a large extent. second to opec would be china. if we don't stop that, we are not going to have a country. >> greta: i asked you about the difference between governor palin and representative bachmann. i'm curious in terms of leadership skills or what you look for even like michelle bachmann who won the straw poll over the weekend. how do her leadership skills translate into being effective and how do you compare it to the men? >> michelle bachmann was in trump tower, one month ago. i was very impressed with her. >> greta: why? >> i thought her demeanor was great. her way was wonderful. i thought she was terrific. i think she ran a fantastic
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campaign thus far. people who were taking her lightly are not taking her lightly. sarah palin we know the question is whether she going to run. i think no. yet there are a lot of people that like her. she is popular in the polls, certainly in the republican party polls. i don't know whether or not she is going to run. >> greta: bring the men in. think pawlenty it was great he dropped out. he missed his opportunity when they gave him the softball question about romneycare and he refused to answer the way he did the day before. i think it is positive that he's out. you have good people. you have to see how they handle the heat, scrutiny and the pressure. i think it is very early to say. romney, i don't -- i know some very negative things about romney. massachusetts wasn't doing great when he was governor.
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maybe there are reasons for that. popularity-wise he wasn't the most popular governor in country. rick perry has good sound bites. jobs in texas, they say they weren't great jobs. jobs are jobs at this point. he did a very effective and please been effective governor of texas. some of the other folks, i really get a kick out of ron paul. i like a lot of what he says. you can't like everything. i think he's going to have a hard time, but i sort of, you know really understand a lot of what he's saying. a lot of what he's saying is not incorrect. >> greta: how about speaker gingrich? >> i have a lot of respect for him. it is just not resonating. he's a member of my club in washington. i have a great club on the potomac, trump national. i really like him. i think he's been treated harshly. if you go to "meet the press" again i thought his answer was really made into a disaster.
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when perhaps it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a disastrous answer. he got badly hit there i think he's a really smart guy. doesn't seem to be catching on. >> greta: senator rick santorum? >> when you are a senator and lose your election in pennsylvania by 19%, i don't think you should be running for president. i think, you know he's obviously not catching on. >> greta: one last question. warren buffet op-ed in "the new york times". he says that super wealthy are paying -- i think 17% income tax. many americans are paying more. he says the super rich aren't getting tacked enough. you are a rich guy, what do you think? >> i have a lot of respect for war buffet. i like him. i think everybody has different feelings. i have rich people that think he's right. many rich people says they nor not going to work any more, move to other countries and do
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other things. there are lots of different side that argument. when exxon mobile, which is this monster company making a fortune in cahoots, no question in my mind with opec, which is again our number one abuser. when exxon mobile is paying very little tax, which they are. when when exxon on the other oil companies are being subsidized by the united states government is ridiculous. >> greta: how does that happen? nobody thinks a rich company should be paying no taxes. >> if exxon had to pay some tax they would stop looking for oil is ridiculous. many of those companies, i'm not just blaming exxon, many of those companies are in cahoots with opec. to think we are subsidizing some of the biggest oil companies in the world and giving them money, they should be paying a lot of tax. >> greta: it was reported that the unemployment rate for
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teens in the district of columbia is north of 50%. >> frightening number. it is a horrible number. it is a very sad thing. i feel badlism i saw that number. this country -- look, all of our problems can be solved with a great economy. if we can get this economy roaring again, which it should be. if we can get the world to stop taking advantage of us, which they are. if we can get fuel down to $30 as opposed to $90 and $100, if we can get this country going again, and the economy really good again, all of a sudden medicare and medicaid and social security, people aren't even going to be discussing it any more. they will be solid as a rock. that's what we have to be doing. but we have to get the world from ripping us off. they are just ripping us greta. unless we get them to stop, it is real easy to do it. we can never have a great country again. >> greta: assume we did, how
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do you inspire the teen sitting around and don't have a job. >> all of a sudden you will have jobs. >> greta: will they be inspired? >> i hope so. one thing i thought about obama, i was all for i had, when he got elected, he won, i wanted him to be the greatest president. and one thing i thought about him, when he got elected was he would be an inspirational president. he would be a cheerleader for the country. he's really turned out to be the opposite. i thought the one thing he had, he would be a great cheerleader are. he's not. if anything he's a negative person. -- he talked about the republicans and democrats and it is congress' fault. everybody's fault but his own. he's a negative person. i really thought he was going to be totally inspirational. he's not. >> greta: donald, thank you, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: the entire interview will be posted on gretawire got come.
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>> a tea party activist crashes the president's party today. demanding to know why members of the obama administration, including vice presidented by said the tea party was acting like terrorist? we have the heated exchange between the president and the iowa tea party activist. you will hear the tape and then you decide, next. >> is president obama gambling with your money and health care? why keeping the supreme court out of the picture at least for now, could cost you lots of money and lots of uncertainty. florida attorney general pam bondi is heading up the suit, she is here to go on the record. .is the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them.
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>> greta: president obama hits the road today to talk jobs but got involved in a heated exchange with the director of iowa's tea party. >> how was your vice president calling us terrorists? >> the president: i will explain. he did not call you guys terrorists. what he said was that for us to be -- [ inaudible ] the truth of the matter is -- [ inaudible ]
7:22 pm
[ inaudible ] >> a balanced budget is reasonable. i didn't appreciate -- >> the president: no, no, all he was saying was -- [ unintelligible ] >> the president: he wasn't objecting to a balanced budget amendment. he was objecting to defaulting -- >> the president: it doesn't sound like you are listening. >> greta: was the man making a point or just heckling the president? should the president have engaged him? did he have a choice.
7:23 pm
dana, what do you think? >> a lot. it is not always easy for the president to defend something your vice president said or did. number two, i think i'm uncomfortable with this, because i think -- obviously there's frustration. the guy has a lot of passion. it is all built up. we have crossed a line that i'm uncomfortable with. i think had i been in the line, you swallow the anger, nice to meet you mr. president, moving on. that said, i think president obama and his team also were the first ones to make things so political from the very beginning. even after they won. they made everything about partisanship. this is the price you pay. i do not think president obama should have gone on this bus tour. they have nothing to sell. there's no big idea. i can't really understand why they didn't move him on, on the rope line keep it going.
7:24 pm
instead now we have this video that we can play over and over again. it makes me uncomfortable. i wouldn't have wanted to be the president. >> greta: he has a plan he says he's not releasing until september. >> today we hear, remember the president [ unintelligible ] last february it was so milquetoast when paul ryan's budget came out, a month later president obama did a redo and did his budget. now everybody complaints he hasn't had a debt ceiling -- let the republicans do it they complain they don't have a plan. on jobs, why do the bus tour now? why not after you announce big new program that he's going to announce in september? once again, they will build up expectation to the point they won't be able to meet them and we'll have graphics and music and we are going to be releasing the planned watch. and it will not have the impact they want it to have. >> greta: another note.
7:25 pm
president clinton had expressed his view of governor rick perry an noing he will run for president. president clinton said this about governor perry's an ment: i got tickled by watching governor perry announce for president. he's a good looking rascal. >> that is proving that president clinton is one of the best politicians in history. that got him where he needed to be. he doesn't comment necessarily. he's going to let president obama do that. he could say something that is an obvious truth. rick perry is a good looking guy. >> greta: is he a rascal? >> it is a good word. for some people on the one hand that is a good word. you want somebody to stir things up. it could also mean something else coming from president clinton, you never know. >> greta: president clinton would always rise above in a sense. he was never too
7:26 pm
confrontational. >> from what i recall, i don't remember -- he could be very partisan. when you are head of the party, you have that role at certain places. but he didn't bring that into the white house from what i remember. i think that there has been a line has been crossed. now president obama is the head of the party. he's going to have to walk a lot of lonely rope lines like he did today. where he's going to be heckled. personally, i'm uncomfortable with it. i think i would have tried to move him on. i understand the frustration, but i wouldn't have said what they said. >> greta: big news in iowa, at least for representative bachmann winning the straw poll now on to new hampshire. very different environment. very different electorate. she obviously -- obviously the people in iowa in the republican party loved her enough to make her number one in this round. how is she going to do in new hampshire and what does she have to do? >> first congratulations
7:27 pm
because she didn't start runninging in iowa until 2 1/2 months ago. it is interesting and wonderful for her that said, one of the things that is key between now and new hampshire is raising money. does the ames straw poll get you more donations? maybe a few, but maybe not enough. new hampshire is going to be an expensive race. one of the people who has been in the race so long, mitt romney is one of the favorite sons there. governor huntsman might be stronger, he will have to be. rick perry could do well there. >> greta: you have strong evangelical in iowa more her base. then you have new hampshire, big country, [ talking over each other ] >> an example from my former boss, george w. bush in 2000. won iowa, handily in the caucuses and lost terribly in new hampshire and had to really regroup and get his
7:28 pm
campaign back on a stronger foot win in . that could ham again -- footing to win in south carolina. that could happen again here. i'm surprised there are five debates between now and october. if you want to be a candidate you don't even have to file until the end of november. so you have time to get in your paperwork. >> greta: i'm not third few. dana nice to see you. >> a court of appeals decision rocks the white house. it isn't just the loss that might worry the white house, it is something else. florida attorney general pam bondi goes on the record. >> what about jobs! should you worry about yours? dennis kneale is here to talk jobs and what the president is doing about them. [ male announcer ] if you're in a ford f-150
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>> greta: did president obama dag his feet going to the supreme court? if he does who is he thinking of? friday he got dealt a blow when the court held 2-1 that the individual mandate in the new health care law is unconstitutional. two months earlier, another court of appeals, 6th circuit decided the opposite. now the president has to make a decision. either go to the supreme court right away and ask them to decide this important matter as soon as possible or he can drag it out, probably past election 2012, by going back to the entire 11th circuit court and asking them to rethink what the 11 judges decided friday.
7:33 pm
florida attorney general pam bondi joins us from tallahassee. any word from the justice department? going to the 11th circuit court or the supreme court right away? >> greta, all the states, all 26 states national federation of independent business, no word yet from department of justice. if president obama tries to make this political, just like he did with the debt ceiling, look what his goal was with the debt ceiling to drag it out until after 2012. we hope he doesn't do that here and make this political. we have a bipartisan decision, by two judges in favor of our ruling. this needs to get to the supreme court as soon as possible. it is morally indefensible and ethically indefensible if he places politics over our constitutional rights. >> greta: as a practical
7:34 pm
matter i read in baltimore sun the state of married land got 27 million dollars friday to begin developing insurance exchanges. if it goes to the supreme court and the supreme court agrees with the 11th circuit, declares this mandate unconstitutional, there's a serious gutting of this law. people have to rethink this. there's a practical reason for taxpayers. we know the supreme court is going to decide it one way or the other. >> greta, that's right. 27.2 million to maryland, a total of 185 million dollars went out friday to states. i'm proud that in florida governor scott is not taking any of this money. because this is unconstitutional this is what we've been saying all along. we are not getting wrapped up in money. it also affects our businesses. businesses aren't wanting to hire. the heritage foundation just did a study that showed there was a correlation between
7:35 pm
obamacare passing and people being hired dropping the number of people being hired. you are right, everyone is getting tied up in this money. that's why it has to go to the supreme court as soon as possible. it is in the best interests of all americans, all businesses and to me that's the most important thing right now. >> greta: it would not be unusual to go to the full court that's the legal advice. that may not be the -- perhaps not a good decision for america as we stand by and spend money. he might -- [ unintelligible ] that is one issue he has a right to ask the full court to decide this. >> however, if you recall, initially, we asked the 26 states, national federation of independent business, we asked that the court hear this, all
7:36 pm
the judges at once. you know who objected? the federal government. they didn't want it to be heard. they didn't want all the judges to hear it at the same time. interesting now if they go back, because they lost, they want to do that to drag it out past 2012 election. we need get to the supreme court. >> greta: we should explain to the viewers. there's a certain number of days, for the federal government to make a decision whether to go immediately to the supreme court or ask for a full court if they decide 11th circuit, we will not get to a position of getting the matter to the supreme court by january 1st. so it is not going to be decide today in the term for the supreme court which will necessarily bring us past 2012. >> past the election you are right. we are all meeting. we are meeting with paul clement former solicitor general under president bush who argued the case for us. we are all meeting, discussing our options.
7:37 pm
we all have the goal of getting it to the supreme court as soon as possible and taking politics out of this. >> greta: we should remind the viewers 6th circuit decided differently on the individual mandate. you asked to have the entire statute thrown out. the 11th circuit only held in your favor determining the individual mandate is unconstitutional, am i right? >> yes, they did. even the federal government has acknowledged that without the mandate, the rest of it basically can't stand. of course, we hope that they would have thrown out the entire thing. but, without the pan day, they can go anywhere. they've even acknowledged that. >> greta: it takes away the funding unless you do one of two things, go massively into debt or massively raise taxes those are the choices. >> exactly. >> greta: let us know when you hear from the justice department, thank you pam. >> thank you greta.
7:38 pm
>> greta: now on, check out the barcode on the bottom of your tv screen now. all you need is your smart tone or tablet barcode reading app scan with your phone's camera. in a flash you will have an all-access pass to everything greta wire. >> we need jobs! the president says it is a top priority. does he have a new plan? how is the market, any signs of improvement? we ask dennis kneale . >> meet the high cholesterol candidate who can shake-up the 2012 presidential race. that's straight ahead.
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for red lobster we can find. male announcer ] hurry into crabfest at red lobster and savor 3 crab entrees under $20 like our crab and seafood bake. or our snow crab and crab butter shrimp. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. >> greta: we're talking jobs maybe even yours in 60 seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the indiana state fair reopening today with a
7:43 pm
memorial service for victims of the stage collapse. five died after a powerful gust of wind blew that stage down. thousands were waiting to hear the group sugarland. 25 people still in the hospital. fair officials not saying whether the stage was inspected. organizers decided go on with the concert despite forecasts of an approving storm. >> casey anthony's legal team will appeal a judge's order to come out of hiding. the judge now ordering her to report by august 26th, to serve one year's probation on a separate check fraud conviction. paperwork mix-up had her serving probation during her trial. the judge has ordered probation begin after her release. >> greta: another political tsunami. the president says his bus trip is official business. the president trying to find out what americans are
7:44 pm
thinking about jobs. his political opponents say this is not presidential business this is old fashioned campaigning and taxpayers should not have to pick up the tab what is the story with jobs, is it getting better? dennis kneale joins us. better, worse, the same? >> this is an intractable problem. a lot of this is not obama's fall. we have 10, 20 years of binge spending and debt and home equity loans. we had to recover from that hang over. economies of the last decades switching from making heavy metal to digital bits on the internet. any time you have that sea change all affects happen. where obama is making it worse is his policies. which demonize business, go against big business. he goes after millionaires and billionaires, he goes after private jets and tax practice
7:45 pm
-- and tax breaks. he keeps saying government is the answer. today the ap talked about his run through iowa where these talking -- he's taking part in break-out sessions. [ talking over each other ] >> nothing happens except grandstanding. he ought to be in the white house, figuring out what we are going to do about jobs? that means industry. you should not have the epa passing tougher regulations again all factor emissions and regulating carbon dioxide, which we breathe out. suddenly it is a toxic substance. you should not have the anti-trust department going after silicon valley and tech the thing we do the best throughout the world. he has gone after them. you should not propose higher tax on investment and capital gains. i know guys that have halted plans to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, to invest
7:46 pm
in new businesses, from investors, because they realize when they looked at all the policies combined with state and local in california their marginal tax rate would go up to 50 nine%. >> greta: why -- the president says he has a plan coming out in except, when? >> that sounds like a secret plan to free hostages from iran many that scares me. jobs should have been priority one as soon as you got in the white house. instead you wanted to make history, pass health care. you took your eye off the ball. now if you are not careful it is getting too late. freeze all regulation, new and most current. say we are not doing any epa stuff. >> greta: how fast would that turn jobs around? >> you freeze that abandon all plans to raise taxes and say
7:47 pm
years. give businesses a chance to plan on something. trumka, head of afl-cio, unions represent 6.9% of workers that guy said he's in the white house every week on the phone to the white house everyday. valley were on the phone to the white house everyday. that's where the answers lie, not talking to voters in iowa, -- >> greta: i'm very impatient in terms of getting jobs to the american people. if we did what you said, got rid of the regulations, how fast could things turn around? people need jobs, we can wait. >> it really slow. you've got that big aircraft -- >> greta: a year? >> as a percentage of the workforce it is not going to change overnight. when you talk about bending that cost curve on obamacare, you have to bernd the curve of
7:48 pm
unemployment. all of wall street, all of investment just looks at that whip end, up or down? better or worse than expected? if you get that change and it starts to be noticed by investors and business, suddenly, they have new hope. and they think it is getting better instead of worse. like i said, capitalism is operatism -- is optimism monetized. with obama's policies though -- >> greta: always nice to see you. is george clooney trying to help a runaway cow in germany? strange celebrity lookalike that can bring one cow home. >> 11-year-old makes a $50 phi,000 shot but may walk away without a penny. ours.
7:49 pm
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. holy cow! 100 years of nothing but butter. the iowa fair started a century ago some have drifted from tradition consulting anything out of butter. the butter cow is the original.
7:53 pm
-- 600 pounds of good old iowa butter. will the butter cow run for president? critics are on the attack saying the candidate could melt under pressure. >> now there's a real cow on the run in germany. her name is yvonne. police say she is putting the town in danger. aable has been placed in a pen surrounded by haystacks. they believe he is the george clooney among former breeding bulls. they are confident yvonne will be attracted and drawn into the pen. will his good looks be enough to bring this cow home or is this just a bunch of bull? we'll keep you posted. >> 11-year-old nick smith won a raffle in minnesota. he had a chance, if he made it he would win 50,000.
7:54 pm
he wind in the room when his name was call. his identical twin nate took his place. nate took the shot and made it. the two thought the $50,000 was in the bag. it started to unravel when the boy's father decided that honesty was the best policy. he let them know about the mix-up. no word whether they will still get the prize or not. >> it is a bird, plane, actually a vodka blimp. a woman her the loud bang when the blimp slammed into her ohio home. she went out and found this massive blimp with advertising for hangar 1 brand vodka outside her home. they lost control two miles away at ohio state. the blimp now out of commission. luckily, no one hurt. >> coming up your last call. president obama's midwest bus tour is on the way. are we in the dark about where the president is really
7:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost, time for last call. now, you know there is something we don't know about president obama's three-state bus tour? >> next week, the president bus beginning s three state tour, confusion, and desperation, we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta there is an open thread going up. the o'reilly factor is next. good night from new york z 10:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night. don't forget. sue he tomorrow night. 3 "studi" factor starts right now. >> laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the winner of the 2011 iowa straw poll is congresswoman michele bachmann.


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